Camtasia 2 App Reviews

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It keeps crashing when i open it update and fix it plz I really like it.

Continuing to Improve

With regular updates Camtasia for Mac is rapidly approaching all the features found in the Windows version. I use it almost daily and find the Mac version easier to use and faster. Camtasia support has been great as well. This version is only a minor update to prior versions so go by the recent reviews.

new update made it useless

The new 2.2.4 update had made it useless, crashes, cant open, cant export or anything. Even after I removed all the "conflicting" programs

i love it. worth every $ thank you so much

i love it. worth every $ thank you so much please continue making it better and better Meet my needs big time

Good app, but BEWARE!

UPDATE: I was working on a demo video for several hours, when I tried to save the project. Camtasia gave me some kind of error, saying it couldnt "save and verify" my project. No further information was given, and no options were presented. I tried saving to another filename, but the same error came up. I exited the program, and my saved project files were UN-OPENABLE. Hours and hours of work, down the drain! I love the look and feel of this Application, but trashing the users entire project is unforgivable. So, Ive downgraded my rating to 2 stars until this is fixed. New users: save your project TWICE, backing it up every time you save. You might regret it if you dont have a backup, and Camtasia 2 decides to trash your project file. Old review: I use it to capture demo videos from my OS X desktop. It works well, and has a bunch of stock effects, annotations, and transitions you can use during the editing process. Great app.

Problems with audio

Camtasia is apparently not optimized for Mac OS X. I believe more care has been given to the Windows version (which has a few features not in the Mac version). In both 10.6.8 Snow Leopard and in 10.8.3 Mountain Lion I am having trouble with audio not being synchronized with the video. There is an approximate half-second offset which has to be adjusted by ungrouping audio and video tracks and carefully aligning them. Also, there is a poping sound every time I start recording a new segment. I have to eliminate these clipping peaks. Very annoying. Other than that, the app is fine.

Crashes and unfair business

Bought the old version and it worked fine. Suddenly after i Upgradede my Mac, it did not work and I had to buy the new version for full price, no rebate for upgrading. Ok, I needed the tool and bought the new version and installed it. It does not work either. I am told to remove some Quicktime files I dont even have. I needed this tool now and it just crashes. Big dissapointment!

Please fix it!

Something is very wrong. I just purchased this to replace a previous version of Camtasia which I really liked and used very often but this version isnt working. It will open and will let me begin a recording but then it crashes. This has happened repeatedly. This version is nothing like the easy to use, no fuss, no problems version I am used to, please fix it!!!

i Love This App SO MUCH its great

This app is great for the people who knows how to use it perfectly its the best in the app store for recording High quilty videos and its graet for editing videos its SIMPLE , and FUN and i HOPE the developer will make more annotations , Transtions and Animation in the Future , and thanks for this awesome app

Extremely useful

Deeply useful in both casual and professional settings. Reasonably flexible and very stable in my experience.

Corrupts your files

On the first day of using it, my working camtasia file became corrupted. It said I had an error when saving. I tried saving it under a different name and that did not give me a working file. I lost many hours of work because of this software.

Great tool, wish it had better compatibility with AVCHD.

Great editor, with a lot of freedom to quickly and effectively improve and edit videos. It would be nice for it to have more compatibility with the predominant Camcorder Format AVCHD (but these can be converted.) Also, output formats would be nice to expand (audio only even). The 4 stars is basically for the lack of compatibility with this and other formats. I think this does stand toe to toe with other editors Ive used and for my purposes it is excellent. I really like the ability to layer and have 2 videos run side by side (by cropping the top view.) For our purposes in Functional Therapy Magazine we can display an exercise in "head on" and "profile" views which really helps you understand how to do the movement. It also allows great screen capture and special effects. It has many features that I dont use but its intuitive interface lets you try things easily to see how they work and if they help. Ed Kaine, OTR/L, RFT Publisher of Functional Therapy Magazine


WARNING. I purchsed the app yesterday ($100) and after updating to Mavricks this morning it will automatically crash and stop recording at around 2 minutes. When I contacted Camtasia (TechSmith) Cuctomer Service they said they do no support Mavricks and will not offer refund since I purchased through the Apple app store. Does anyone have any idea how to get a refund out of the app store? Redicuouls.


I have not updated to Mavericks, but have serious problems with Camtasia doing strange things. It loses clips and cannot save, even with plenty of disk space. Then it corrupts the previous version of the files, so they cannot be opened. Currently waiting several minutes to shut it down so I can do a Restart and see if that helps it. Its latest trick is to show me the part of the screen it is going to record, then record something different! So I had to re-record the video part, and keep the sound track of the original (I didnt want to record tht again), then go though and cut out all the transitions, position them, then duplicate all the bits in between. Surely there is something better than this, that doesnt produce such large files. There has to be a better way.


This application is great for recording anything and everything you do on the computer, which is quite convenient for project demonstrations. I would whole-heartedly reccomend this app to anyone with a Mac (or Windows) who needs a recording software. I am extremely satisfied with Camtasia 2, and have been using it for close to a year now. It is worth the price, if you frequently screen cap, as I do.

Camtasia 2 user

This version has some really bad bug in it: while editing, the cursor snaps to the left edge and then stays there no matter how much you try to drag it to some other point along the timeline. This problem seems to be related to zoom happening across segments that have been stitched together. Once the problem shows up, you are out of luck: you must quit and restart the app. I have had to restart Camtasia a number of times just to finish editing a 2-minute video (still not done!). This App Store process of automatically updating your apps to some crappy version is as much Apple’s fault as Camtasia’s: I have no idea which was the last stable version of Camtasia, so I don’t know how far back I should go in my Time Machine to retrieve an old version. Thanks for nothing.

Easy, Powerful, Valuable.

Three words that couldn’t more aptly sum up the feature set of this software. I’ve owned it for a while now and despite new incarnations of OS X the developers continue to release updates for new platforms at no cost to old customers. If the incredible screen capture and share features weren’t a selling point then the focus on adding value to the customer should be. There is relatively little commercially supported software out there that comes close to the level value that Camtasia has bundled here. Pros: I can screen capture my whole screen, a window (browser, word, powerpoint, etc…), or drag around on the screen to map out my own area. To export the movie I can set the quality and even generate a webpage that will enable visitors to view the video. There is even a web service they provide for sharing screen captures publicly. Cons: The mac edition doesn’t do a great job of capturing an active window. In reality it captures the area the active window was in when the capture started recording. If you drag another window into that area it too gets nabbed by Camtasia, additionally, if you move that window anywhere else on the screen it will no longer be captured. Not a huge limitation and probably one imposed by Apple but frustrating nonetheless if you aren’t aware of it.

I WANT to love this program

It’s intuitive and easy to learn, has all the features I need/want (except for live monitoring of audio), but it continues to be buggy. It crashes way more than any program should. This was supposed to make my life easier, and it ends up frustrating more than it should. I’m often nervous recording because it’s scared me with its bi-polar behavior. Hopefully they have some updates coming soon that will finally make it more stable.

Almost Perfect

Unlike another reviewer, I have not had any problems with frequent crashes. I use the Mac version and it is remarkably intuitive and easy to use. Whats missing from the Mac version is the ability to add quizzes. This is in beta testing, however, so perfection may be near.


The new version is amazing totally worth the money you need it if u do 1080p videos for youtube like minecraft gameplay GET IT NOWW!!!!!!!